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Dirty Niall Imagine for Rachel (livelaughlove123456)

#Imagine you’re at your boyfriend, Niall’s, house with Louis and his girlfriend Eleanor, Liam and his girlfriend Danielle, Zayn, Lucy, Harry and Ava having a movie night.

“I’m bored. Maybe we should play something?” Liam suggests.

“HIDE AND SEEK?!” Niall replies as you all turn to look at him in surprise.

“How old are we, 5?” you say jokingly.”

“We could play hide and seek in the dark? Make it more interesting? I suppose it’s better than doing nothing?” Ava says.

You all give in and get into pairs, you and Niall, Liam and Danielle, Lou and Eleanor, Zayn and Lucy and Harry and Ava, before hastily running off in all directions, leaving Harry and Ava in the longue to count.

Niall drags you up the stairs and into the attic.

“They’ll never find us here!” he whispers as you laugh at his childishness.

Niall puts a lamp on and lays out a few blankets on the floor, as you both lie down, cuddled tightly together as Niall plays with your hair. He starts to gently kiss your neck and he knows this will turn you on. His lips meet yours as you shuffle to sit on his lap, feeling his bulge growing against your leg making you giggle.  Niall puts his hands on your waist, moving them up your body until he reaches your boobs which he starts to massage as a moan escapes your lips.

You get off his lap and kneel over him, pulling down his trousers and boxers. His erection springs up to his stomach. You run your fingers along it as lightly as you can, before wrapping your hand around his full length, pumping your hand back and forward as he groans in pleasure. You take it in your mouth, sucking as hard as you can while massaging the bits you can’t reach with your hand. You feel his climax is close so you swirl you tongue around, making Niall close his eyes and fling his head back in pleasure before letting out a loud moan.

“FOUND YOU!” Harry exclaims as he barges into the attic.

“Oh- erm, we’ll leave you two to it…” Ava says as they walk out, giggling.

Just as they close the door, Niall lets out another moan that he’d been holding in and cums in your mouth. You swallow it quickly, licking your lips before kissing him once more and heading back into the living room to find the others, hand in hand.

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