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Dirty Niall Imagine for Jayceen (1Dfreak123)

#Imagine you’ve known Niall Horan since you were in secondary school. To be honest, you both never really got on. You’re going to a school reunion tonight. You make a real effort, wanting to impress everyone there. You wear a beautiful red dress with a pair of black heals and a black clutch. You’re not really expecting Niall to be there, he is in a world-famous boyband after all.

When you arrive, to your surprise, Niall is there. You can tell from the moment you walk in as there is a huge gathering of people around him. Still holding a grudge from school, you just walk past him and go to get a drink.

The night goes on and you still haven’t talked to Niall yet, and you don’t intend to. You’re dancing and you feel two hands around your waist. You turn around to see that it’s Niall.

“Urgh, what do you want?” you say removing his hands from your body.

“You.” He whispers seductively in your ear.

You push him away but he grabs your hand and looks you right in the eyes. He goes to kiss you and you finally give in, letting his tongue enter your mouth. He drags you to the toilets, not disconnecting the kiss once.

“Niall, but I thought you hated me?” you say, puzzled.

“I only hated you because I liked you and you didn’t want me.” He replies

You begin to speak but he stops you by kissing you again, as you unbuckle his trouser and put your hands in his boxers, stroking his length. He lets out a whimper before pushing you to your knees. You rub his dick, applying pressure, massaging it, teasing him. You take it in your mouth and suck hard and fast, making him moan. You feel his climax is close so you stop.

He lifts you onto the toilet, pulling up your dress and pulling down your underwear. He starts to rub your clit, making you moan before unexpectedly thrusting into you, making you scream. Your body fills with a mix of pleasure and pain, as Niall thrusts harder and deeper. He reaches his climax, and cums inside of you, setting you over the edge as you orgasm too. You both scream each other’s names.

“I liked you, too.” You whisper in his ear when you regain your breath.

You passionately kiss, before he pulls you into a tight hug. 

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