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Dirty Zayn Imagine for Gabi (takemetoseattlesomeday)

#Imagine you’ve met up for lunch at Starbucks with your best friend Zayn. You’re just chatting while enjoying a Classic Hot chocolate when the subject conversation moves on to dreams.

“I had a really weird dream last night Zayn.”

“Really? What happened in it, Gabi?”

“Well… you were in it… and…”


“We were having sex!” you say with a laugh.

“I really hope dreams come true then…” Zayn mutters under his breath, not intending for you to hear.

You lean over the table and whisper into his ear “Maybe they can…”

Zayn blushes as you weren’t supposed to here that but a smile escapes across his faces as he stands up, grabs your hand while you run to his apartment, which is just around the corner.

You burst through the door, letting it slam shut. Your lips interlock as you start to undress each other. Your naked bodies touch, as you explore each other’s mouth.

You pull away from the kiss, leaving Zayn confused, and run quickly up the stairs into his bedroom. Zayn follows and bites his lip at the sight of you naked on his bed.

“I need you now.” You say in a low, controlling tone.

Zayn gets on his knees and puts his head between your legs, licking your pussy, going deep inside of you with his tongue. You can’t help but moan. He inserts two of his fingers inside of you, making waves of pleasure surround your body as they hit your G-spot every time. You scream his name loudly as you orgasm; your back arching, your body shaking and your breathing getting heavier. He smiles, satisfied as you jump off the bed and grab his already hard length in your hand, roughly. You massage it firmly, playing with it- teasing him, running your fingers over the tip. He flings his head back until he can’t take it no more and forces you onto the bed. He taps his dick a few times at your entrance, before thrusting into you. He gets faster and deeper every time, making you both moan. You wrap your arms round his neck as he pushes on the bed to get deeper. You both cum and moan in ecstasy.

“So I guess dreams do come true…” Zayn pants, as he collapses on the bed next to you.

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