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Dirty/Sweet Zayn Imagine for Nina (onedirectionernina)

#Imagine you’re at the airport waiting for your boyfriend, Zayn to come through the arrival gates. He’s been on tour for the past 3 months with the boys and you can’t wait to see him.  Screams from fangirls outside echoed throughout the airport, making you giggle. You catch a glimpse of his beautiful face, and he spots you too. You run up to each other with outstretched arms, and hug for a while. He picks you off the ground and spins you around while kissing you passionately.

“I’ve missed you so much baby.” Zayn whispers into your ear, his breath making you shiver.

“I’ve missed you too!” you reply, kissing him again.

He grabs your hand tightly as you’re ushered on by security, out of the VIP exit of the airport.

After what seems like forever, you’re finally at home. You both walk through the doors, Zayn drops his bags and immediately kisses you roughly on the lips, his hands caressing your body.

“I’ve been waiting to do that for so long…” he says.

“You know what I’ve been waiting to do?” you say, winking.

You drag him upstairs, undressing each other on the way.  You push him onto the bed, you love being in control and he loves you being in control. You straddle on top of him and he bites his lip. You’re both just in your underwear by now.

You trace the outline of his underwear and run your hands all over his abs, teasing him. You feel his bulge against your leg, making you wet.  You sexily pull down his boxers, and run your hands all over his length, making him moan for more. You swirl your tongue over the top of his dick, and lightly scrape the sides of it with your teeth. Zayn can’t take it anymore so he grabs your head and forces you to put his hard dick in your mouth. You suck harder than ever before and before long he closes his eyes and moans in pleasure, screaming your name.

He grabs your boobs as you position him at your entrance. You insert him inside you, screaming in pleasure forgetting how good he felt inside of you. You rock your hips back and forward, as you both moan. You both feel your climaxes coming, so you go harder and faster than ever. Zayn fills you with cum. You both ride out your orgasms then you collapse on top of Zayn.

“I love you so much Nina.”

“I love you too; it’s unreal how much I’ve missed you.” You say as he nods in agreement and kisses your forehead.

He pulls you closer and your naked bodies feel so good against each other. You fall asleep on his chest.

Hope you like it hun! xxx

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