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Dirty Liam Imagine for Roisin (onedirectionmakemebeautiful)

#Imagine you’re on holiday in Spain, lazing around by the pool when a gorgeous boy catches your eye. His toned, tanned body makes you go weak at the knees as you continue watching him from your sun lounger.

You notice him looking at you so you stand up and walk to the pool, walking as sexily as you can to try and impress him. You get into the pool and before long; the boy has followed you in. You seem him swimming up to you but you pretend not to notice.

“Hi, I’m Liam.” A cute voice says.

“I’m Roisin” you reply with a smile.

You chat for a while and find out that you both really get on well.

“I have to go now, but maybe see you tonight?” Liam says with a wink. You nod in agreement.

*A few hours pass*

You’re at the hotel bar getting a drink when someone comes up to you and hugs you from behind. It’s Liam.

“Hi beautiful!” he says as you turn around and smile at him.

You both get your drinks and walk off, hand in hand.

“Should we take these to my room?” You say cheekily, leading Liam towards the lift.

As soon as the lift doors close, you lean in for a kiss. Before long your tongues are exploring the insides of each other’s mouths. You both walk to your room, without breaking the kiss and as soon as you get in, you push Liam onto the bed.

You sit on top of his crotch as you pull his top over his head. You feel his abs with your hands, going down his body getting lower and lower making him hard. You get to his jeans and start unbutton them, pulling them off and taking his boxers with them. You take his length in your hand, pumping it up and down making him whimper. You take his dick in your mouth, swirling your tomgue all over it, teasing him.

Liam flips you around so he’s on top and begins to pull your shorts and knickers down. He licks the inside of your things getting you wet then positions his head between your legs and starts to lick in long, fast strokes. He puts his tongue deep inside of you and massages your clit with his fingers, making you moan his name loudly.

Without warning, he positions himself at your entrance, tapping his dick on your clit a few times before thrusting into you. You scream his name. You feel him blow his load inside of you. You both collapse on the bed, your sweaty bodies close together, you’re breathing heavy.

Sorry it’s slightly late, hope you like it! xx

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