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Dirty Harry Imagine

#Imagine You’re sat with Harry on the sofa watching a movie. You sense that Harry’s bored, you are too actually so you want to have some fun. You manage to catch Harry’s eye and you give him a cheeky look so he knows exactly what you’re about to do.

You straddle across Harry’s lap as you kiss passionately exploring the insides of each other’s mouths. You lightly kiss his neck, just how he likes it and you can feel him getting really turned on now and you can also tell from the ever-growing bulge you can now feel on your leg. You go from his neck to the top of his trousers leaving little love bites all over.

You get to the waistband of his underwear and seductively pull them down with your teeth. The look on Harry’s face shows how much he wants you right now. You start playing with his penis, moving your hands all around it and teasing him by licking it then you start moving your hand up and down, causing him to groan. You feel his climax is close so you start sucking on his cock, rubbing the bits you can’t reach to provide extra pleasure. Harry throws his head back in ecstasy, moaning until all of a sudden warm cum fills your mouth. You swallow it all and lick your lips. You both smile at each other.

Harry pushes you onto the floor gently and he starts to kiss you. You feel his big hands travel down your body, entering your knickers. He rubs your clit in circular motions making waves of pleasure surround your body as you let out a moan. Without warning, Harry enters two of his long fingers inside of you, pushing them in and out, hitting your g-spot every time driving you crazy. He gets on his knees and starts licking your clit in long, fast strokes as you run your hands through his curly locks. You can’t take it anymore- you arch your back, start to shake and release your juices all over while screaming Harry’s name.

Harry swiftly uses his elbows to spread your legs even further and pull off your underwear, to enable him to thrust into you. You whimper as he enters you, a mix of pleasure and pain fills your body, and then he gives you a minute to adjust to his size. He get’s faster and harder with each thrust, and you feel him grow even more within you. His thrusts become sloppy and your muscles tighten. After a few more minutes, you both moan each other’s names as you both cum.

“That was amazing!” Harry says as you rest your head on his chest. You smile and nod in agreement and both fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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