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Dirty Niall Imagine

#Imagine you’ve travelled down to your friend who lives in London’s party and you’ve already been told she’s inviting her close friends, the band “One Direction”.

You walk through the door and are welcomed by your friend Ella, who introduces you to everyone and a blonde Irish cutie catches your eye.

The night goes on and the partying continues, luckily everyone’s getting on so well. By now, everyone’s pretty drunk including you. Niall (the blonde Irish cutie) is dancing with you, grinding up against you as he spills his drink on you. “Oh my god, shit! Sorry, let me help you clean up!” he says in his gorgeous Irish accent that nearly makes you melt. You walk to the bathroom with Niall leading you, pulling you by your hand. You step into the bathroom, locking the door behind you both.

Niall helps clean you up and then you both stare into each other’s eyes, cheekily. Without thinking and influenced by alcohol, you kiss him passionately on the lips. Luckily he kisses you back. Your tongues move in sync as you hold each other tightly. You feel Niall’s buldge growing against your leg and smile slightly.

Niall lifts you up onto the sink and begins to touch your thighs, moving his hands further and further up your dress. He pushes your thong aside and begins to rub your clit making you moan.  You’re getting wetter and wetter and he knows it so he pulls your thong off and flings it on the floor. Niall gets on his knees and lightly bites your clit and inserts 2 fingers, pumping them back and forth until you can’t take it no more, you reach your climax and you scream his name.

Satisfied with himself, he winks at you and kisses you lightly on the lips. He heads for the door but you stop him. “We’re not done yet…” you say cheekily as you begin to unbutton his jeans. You slip your hand into his pants and touch his long, hard dick causing him to moan. Niall pushes your head down so you’re on your knees and orders you to suck. You tease him but massaging his entire boner and licking it ever so slightly until he can’t take it anymore and he grabs your head and makes you put his dick into your mouth. You suck hard, using your hands to massage the bits you can’t reach, as well as lightly scraping the sides with your teeth. He flings his head back in pleasure as he moans your name. You feel him tense as your mouth fills with warm cum. You swallow and stand back up, looking him straight in the eyes.

You quickly kiss him on the lips while he pulls his trousers back up and you both walk out, hand in hand, as if nothing’s happened. 

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