Hello! I do imagines, one shots and fanfictions! (not just dirty even though my url says that)... I take requests too! Just message me with your name, the boy you want, if you want it dirty/sweet, ect :-) Have a lovely day!

memorable larry quotes- part one

I’m soooo sorry I’ve basically abandoned this blog :-( it’s because of my stupid broken laptop and I’ve been on holiday and studying and stuff… But anyway! Thank you for still reading/liking/reblogging the imagines and still following :-) if you send me prompts, I’ll try and write some from my iPad okay?! Love you all xxx

sorry I haven’t posted for ages! hope you all still love me ok

p.s. we’re past the next 100 now heehhhe xxx

Dreams do come true.. 1D fanfic- part 2.

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Dirty Louis imagine for i-be-kevin-the-pigeon

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250 followers! Love you all :-)

My laptop’s broken but I’ll try and write more soon! xxx

Dirty/Sweet Harry Imagine for Erin (studded-skies)

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Dirty/Sweet Zayn Imagine for Neza (nezjen)

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the way he follows his lips